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May ERFC Meeting At Alder Creek Adventure Center Well Attended, Informative

The core of the meeting was a presentation by Kevin Marini on Firewise Landscaping. The key points were:

  • Arranging landscape plants so they don't provide a continuous path for fire.

  • Maintaining defensible space according to Firewise 0-5', 5'-30', 30'-100' guidelines.

  • Wind driven embers are by far the biggest cause of houses burning.

  • Proper pruning of trees and shrubs makes them more fire resilient, improper pruning can turn them into an increased fire hazard.

  • Avoid shredded mulches.

  • Inspection guidelines for various agencies, protocols are dependent upon jurisdiction

The presentation was followed up by lively networking conversation and follow up comments from agency representatives Eric Horntvedt TFD and Kevin Mecham USFS.

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