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Eastern Regional Firewise Coalition

The mission of the Eastern Regional Firewise Coalition (ERFC) is to foster a community that is safer and more resilient from the negative impacts of wildfire and to create a positively fire adapted region to live in. The ERFC does this through promoting Firewise programs, capitalizing on assistance, educating and encouraging self-sufficiency, and offering its assistance to the areas that encompass the unique region east of the Pacific Crest, extending north and south of the town of Truckee.


The EFRC emerged from the greater Nevada County Coalition of Firewise Communities and is nested firmly within that coalition as a sub-coalition with distinct qualities pointing to information and protocols that are relevant solely to EFRC. This website links to the greater Nevada County Coalition website for information and protocols that are generic to the larger Firewise Fire Safety Ecosystem and any community working toward fire resiliency according to the standard of Firewise in Nevada County. It also links to the generic fire resiliency frameworks in place for Nevada, Placer, and Sierra Counties.

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Click on this map to open up a detailed zoomable version. You'll see the geographic relationship of Firewise Communities

ERFWC Map with Firewise Community Listing Table
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